Private Guided Tours and Driver

Have you ever wanted to tour Rome, but the thought of traveling with thirty strangers on a bus unappealing? Then you may be ready to take the next step and travel by private guide and driver. Through the convenience of having your own guide, along with a private driver for the day, you can make up your own itinerary and schedule, stay at museums for as little or long as your like, or stop at that beautiful quaint boutique offering homemade wares. When you only have one day in a city, and need to get the most value out of your time, a private guide can take you on a tour and show you areas and surroundings that may have previously taken over three days to the average tourist. These are local guides, who know the lay of the land and the best known, and sometimes unknown, places to see along the way. You can hire a guide for as little or long as you would like, or even plan a custom itinerary for a week utilizing their services in each location your visit. The results are you, the traveler, having an in-depth personalized experience that works around your schedule and is tailored to your individual taste.