Escape to Tahiti

Posted by Grace Doscher · Mar 27 · in Tahiti, French Polynesia

When dreaming of a tropical escape I think about the Eddie Money song “Two Tickets to Paradise.” The anthem for the beach bum in us all, the words make use want to grab a Pina Colada and put or toes in the sand. When winter has given you the blues, and you’ve had to work late every night for the past month, a tropical getaway is the prescription. No phone, no email, no real world; just the sun, sand, and sound of the ocean. This is what Tahiti has to offer. Tahiti is a place for lovers to lay on prestige beaches and not be bothered by other visitors. Tahiti is a place to live in a fantasy for a time. This is truly a place to recharge and reconnect, so “pack your bags, because I’ve got two tickets to paradise.”

Tahiti is part of the French Polynesian Islands that are located in the South Pacific Ocean, with only one other island close to it. This is an island that offers lush and exotic resorts, secluded away from the world. It is just a plane flight away and will cause you to fall in love the first visit. The weather is tropical and can give you a feeling of a Mexico or Hawaiian vacation, but will give you an experience that makes you seem like you are in another world away. If white sand beaches, pristine blue waters, and private bungalows are your thing, then look no further than Tahiti. Whether you want to stay in beach hut or one of the famous Intercontinental over water bungalows, you will have your choice of secluded luxury.

Tahiti is every couples dream honeymoon style vacation, where relaxation after a hectic schedule is the prescribed medication. Being featured as a Honeymoon destination in shows like the Bachelor, Tahiti is one of the most romantic islands to visit. The romance and appeal of the island comes from its seclusion, as well as intimate resorts offering unique surroundings. Having the ability to soak up the sun and relax on the beaches can make one dread having to go back to reality. Aside from just relaxing on the beach, which there is nothing wrong with, Tahiti also offers gorgeous water falls, exotic water gardens, and unique cuisine for all food lovers. All this can make the experience one not to forget.

As you begin to crave the Tahitian escape, be sure to do your homework and put together a travel itinerary that will satisfy your tropical getaway desires. The Atlanta Travel Agent can do just that. With great packages to Tahiti at affordable prices, you will not have to go the travel planning alone. The Atlanta Travel Agent will provide day excursions to the pristine waterfalls of Tahiti, as well as schedule your ferry tour to the neighboring island, Moorea. So in the words of Eddie Money, the Atlanta Travel Agent can confidently say “got a surprise especially for you.”

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