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As a child, I’d daydreamed about travelling to great international destinations with my family. (Don’t we all?)

Of course, reality seemed to have another plan and those dreams had faded as I grew into an adult. (Don’t they always?)

I worked in the medical field, which I loved. My favorite part was interacting with the patients. But—like most jobs—the long hours and hectic workdays left me feeling burnt out.

I know what it’s like to need a vacation!!!

It’s funny how things unfold. After moving to another state, I was given the exciting opportunity to change directions and enter a year-long internship at a large travel agency.

During this time I absorbed everything there is to learn about travel planning—and it sparked (rather, reignited) a real passion for the unique cultures behind the most popular world destinations.

More importantly… I took a vacation!

I know what you’re thinking…that I went to the beach? That’s where I headed eventually.

But for this vacation, I wanted something more. I wanted to utilize all of my senses, so I set off for Mexico City, Mexico.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how modern the city was, and it feels like the size of New York City. We were picked up by a private transfer and escorted to the fabulous St. Regis downtown in the heart of the city. The view from our room overlooked the Diana Fountain roundabout on the Paseo de la Reforma. It was so magical, and the service was just as impressive.The hotel staff greeted you by name as soon as you walked through the door, and were so kind and accommodating when we needed last minute reservations to dinner during our stay.

Exploring the city became our main mission. Our hotel, a Virtuoso Property, was so close to the main attractions that we only had to walk 10 to 15 minutes before we arrived to another wondrous site. During our week long stay we saw the National Anthropology Museum, which holds unique artifacts on the Mayan civilization, walked through the Mexico City Zoo, which is right in the middle of Chapultepec Park (think Central Park) and completely free, and took a private car and driver guide to the ancient site of Teotihuacan, which is enveloped in mystery.

It would not be a vacation without food (of course!), and street food in Mexico City is all the rage. There are taquerias on every corner, and they are not to be missed! We ate of one of the best restaurants in Mexico City, where the owners still hand write the menu (in Spanish of course), and the food is from their own backyard. I’ve never tasted margaritas so fresh, they do not skimp on the tequila so watch out! If you do get a chance to go, get a reservation Maximo Bistrot Local in the Roma district. I promise it will be a foodies paradise!

I met so many great people during my trip, and through my adventures I left feeling like I really knew Mexico City, like I had a grasp of what it had to offer. I was finally I traveler and no longer a tourist.

This experience was only the first— but it is important because I could not call myself an expert in the travel industry if I didn’t truly understand the point of view that a client has.


So I continue to travel for leisure as well as to keep up with the industry standards, building new relationships and growing resources as a luxury travel advisor every year.

Focusing on the unique needs and wants for each client has always been my biggest priority, and by the time I graduated from supporting a Travel Advisor to finally becoming one, I’d noticed something very interesting about the clients I worked for…


Most of the luxury travel clients I work for have a list of places that they, too, have always dreamed of going. That list is unique to each client of course, but some of the most popular bucket list destinations include Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, France, and England. Some have always wanted to spend the night in an igloo in Alaska, some have always wanted to take a safari tour in Africa.

That’s why Bucket List Explorations was created… to focus on planning the most unforgettable luxury dream vacations around the world so you can fulfill your travel bucket list!